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I Wear My Heart on My…Socks?

I’m a “heart person”. After chronicling my encounters with ordinary objects that form themselves into heart shapes (dish soap bubbles, gum, leaves – to name a few), I’ve been allowing some man-made hearts into my life too. Like the ones on these socks.

socks with hearts on them

Oh, I almost forget to mention that there are crowns on them too. How very regal! After having these for several years, I’m sad to say they are starting to wear just a little too thin. I can see through the fabric now and they can barely get the job done these days. It just may be time to retire them, but they did have several years of exceptional service, and with every glance down at my sock-embraced feet, I felt a little heart-lifted.


Water, Minerally Water from the French Alps (and a giveaway!)


You know the satisfaction of a refreshing gulp of water when your throat is parched, the comfort of a cascade of droplets over your head when you dip into the shower, the welcoming relief when a summer rain falls onto your sun-heated skin.

Imagine cool, hydrating relief that you can take along with you. That’s what you get with evian® water’s unique mineral balance and uncompromised purity, suitable for all skin types. Your skin will be the picture of dewy, refreshed health.

Now is your opportunity to win your very own Evian Facial Spray!  evian® is giving away 20 two 5 oz Facial Sprays. Winners will be chosen at random.

evian facial spray, giveaway, free, free giveaway, fashion, beauty

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Did you know that Evian Facial Spray was originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients? Introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978, evian® is the only one carried by many prestige retail groups including Nordstrom and Sephora and is dermatologically test. It is also offered in many luxury resorts and hotels such as Four Seasons.

The leak-proof canister is the ideal product to take on-the-go in any purse or travel bag. Unlike other water sprays, Evian Spray is sealed at the source, so it can not be contaminated.

The French Government has extremely stringent standards for approving mineral waters as suitable to drink. Evian Facial Spray is the only mineral water spray in the USA with this distinction.

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Please note: this giveaway is hosted by The Wilkes Group and not evian.

Color Perception

I start paying a lot of attention to my vision right before a visit to the ophthalmologist. In the days leading up to it, I find myself carefully observing my eyesight- what I see, how well I see, how dry my eyes are… I get caught up in following my floaters–almost voraciously, obsessively tracking those grey and black amorphous blobs, dancing in a sound-free symphony. My latest visit was on Thursday, and immediately after getting a clean bill of eye health- retina intact, no change in vision- I’m faced with the ocular issue of the century:



….. Is the dress white and gold, and black and blue?

white and gold dress black and blue dress

white & gold? black or blue? You know, THAT dress, uggghhh!!

If only I had seen this societal crazy-making before my ophthalmologist visit. I surely would have asked him about it. Though I may not really care what the “science” behind it is. I don’t like for my senses to be played with this way!

Men’s Fragrance: NEW (!) by Calvin Klein, REVEAL

As an Influenster, I had the opportunity to test a new men’s fragrance by Calvin Klein, REVEAL. Considered part of a new olfactive category, the “solar oriental”, this fragrance proclaims a scent categorized by salt, warm woods, pink pepper, and flowers.

Influenster, Calvin Klein, new fragrance, solar oriental, REVEAL

@Influenster #REVEALMORE

I picked up the small package from my personal “post office” and tore into the small envelope. In addition to a sample sized spray bottle, I received a small gray card holder (I guess I can use that in my wallet). I read the fragrance description excitedly, thinking that it sounded just like the type of scent I would like.


I gave an initial spritz into the air and upon first sniff, it actually smelled a little feminine to me. “Hmm,” I thought, “this smells like something I would considering wearing myself.” My mother had a similar reaction, though not to the same degree as me. We brought it in to her boyfriend for third opinion. He liked it, but had no ornate description for what he was smelling.

For the final test, I spritzed it on my own boyfriend. He thought it was okay and said he would wear it, but didn’t seem all that enthused about it. The immediate sniff from what I sprayed on his skin smelled very “generic” and “typical” to me. It smelled like a lot of other men’s fragrances and not all that revolutionary, to say the least. But I know better- let’s give it some time to evaporate.

I also sprayed it on myself, and I still maintain that it smells a little effeminate. It smells totally different on me than it does on him. Less citrusy, more woodsy and warm. I like it on me, but it’s still not a “me” fragrance. (I think I will be ever-loyal to Tuscany per Donna! Still haven’t found anything I like better on me!)

After about 15-20 minutes, I went back to the BF’s forearm and gave it another whiff. It dried down a  bit and smells a little more unique. Definitely smell more warmth and a bit of spice. It’s almost like pepper but without the familiar “bite” that pepper has. I like it the scent on him but it really dried down to be barely perceptible. I think he might need another application.

All in all, it was nice to try but I’m not blown away. Will definitely give it another go and report back.


Note: . Influenster sent this complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own and I’m not being compensated.

Reviving a Pedicure

I didn’t have time to go for a pedicure this past week (though my feet and psyche could really use the pampering), but unfortunately for me, more than half the polish from my right big toenail decided to come off. Not to be one to allow such a chipped debacle to be seen by anyone other than me, I made do with one of the three bottles of nail polish that I actually own. This one was closest to the color I already had on. While it in no way “blends in”, I was kind of surprised at liking the effect. I know I won’t fool anyone into thinking it was done on purpose, but the “look” amused me. So I leave it here for you to see as well.

Silly pedicure revamp

Silly pedicure revamp

Happy 1st Day of Sweater!

If memory serves me correctly, today is the first day I’ve worn a sweater since the start of summer. Since the temps are below 70 today, I figured it was the perfect time to pull this out of the closet. I always like wearing it cinched with a belt and think it gives the garment an interesting shape that way.

Sweater weather

Sweater weather

I almost caved and got a pumpkin spice latte (the ultimate in “it’s fall!” indicators) today, but opted to forgo it. While the (short) walk to the cafe would have been nice, I’d be canceling out all the calories I burned from the walk by ingesting the pumpkin coffee goodness. So maybe next time. For now I’m enjoying my flouncy cinched cardigan and dreaming of fall breezes until I’m done at the office today.

Sweater Weather better weather Christmas Tree Shops

Sweater Weather Better Weather

Windows Open!

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I love getting an early glimpse of crisp breezes, colorful leaves, and everything else that comes with the season. I love the opportunity to open the windows and let the breeze in…and to pull out the knee-high boots! Today is the first time I’ve worn them since summer kicked in full-force, so I decided to mark the occasion with a post and a pic:

leather boots

What signals the “official” changes of the seasons for you? Is it a calendar date, a “feeling” in the air, something else? How do you engage your senses during each season? If you are so inclined, please share in the comments!

The “china pattern” print blouse

Not too long ago, while shopping with my mother, I came across this blouse in a print that normally wouldn’t be my style…not just in regards to clothing, but anything- home decor, wall paper, journal, hand towels- nothing. It was what I would best describe as a “china pattern” print. This time, I was attracted to it.

The style was uncharacteristic of me as well- a higher “boatneck” line, cap sleeves, colors that aren’t bright and cheerful, and a billowy shape. Yet there was just something about this shirt that spoke to me.

china pattern print blouse Cynthia Rowly

Cynthia Rowley top, purchased at Marshalls (Aug 2014)

So I purchased it. I added a beaded belt to cinch the waist a little bit (what did I just do there?! I actually mixed prints?!?!), and went about my day today. I am loving the pattern and the feel of the fabric, and little did I know that this billowy style actually suits me!

There is just something about this ensemble that seems to characteristically “me”, even though I felt a little unrecognizable at first. I feel like this “new look” addressed aspects of myself that perhaps have not had the opportunity to come out and play yet. How fun it is to give them the chance!

china pattern print blouse Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley print blouse, purchased at Marshalls (Aug 2014)


What are some styles, prints, or fabrics that you have recently found yourself uncharacteristically being attracted to?
Share below!