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Bringing in Spring

Before the temperature even bumped its way back up this week, these lovely blooms made their way to me. Bright and colorful, we brought in spring, uplifted moods, and daydreamed of milder days.

bright blooms, spring, warm after long cold winter

Spring isn’t my favorite season, but there is no denying the welcoming presence of a few bright, bold flowers.


Somewhere in Upper Black Eddy

Fall drive, Sunday afternoon

On the way to visit some friends we passed this area in Upper Black Eddy-Bridgeton. Loved what I saw outside the window so started snapping a few pictures. Here’s the ones that were decent. Maybe one day I’ll get the hang of it and become an expert iPhone photographer 😉


Throughout the summer, the bushes lining the parking lot at our local gym (which is on the grounds of a nature trail) had been bursting with raspberries. It did not seem like many were taking advantage of this luxe freebie, but we managed to snag several handfuls of delicious berries. It made going to the gym far more fun.

I even started to bring a container to put them in so I could take them home.

fresh, raspberries, fresh raspberries

Bonus- look really closely and see if you can find the heart-shaped one!

It was definitely a highlight of the summer. I loved the feeling of the waxy contours against my fingertips as I picked the berries, the instances when a little too strong of a touch released some of the juices, the little burst of flavor upon eating them.

I’ve found myself missing the days of those bright juicy berries once they were gone. I now have a reason to actually look forward to summer. I should probably start collecting a few recipes so I’m all ready once the raspberries pop up again for the season.

Happy 1st Day of Sweater!

If memory serves me correctly, today is the first day I’ve worn a sweater since the start of summer. Since the temps are below 70 today, I figured it was the perfect time to pull this out of the closet. I always like wearing it cinched with a belt and think it gives the garment an interesting shape that way.

Sweater weather

Sweater weather

I almost caved and got a pumpkin spice latte (the ultimate in “it’s fall!” indicators) today, but opted to forgo it. While the (short) walk to the cafe would have been nice, I’d be canceling out all the calories I burned from the walk by ingesting the pumpkin coffee goodness. So maybe next time. For now I’m enjoying my flouncy cinched cardigan and dreaming of fall breezes until I’m done at the office today.

Sweater Weather better weather Christmas Tree Shops

Sweater Weather Better Weather

Windows Open!

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I love getting an early glimpse of crisp breezes, colorful leaves, and everything else that comes with the season. I love the opportunity to open the windows and let the breeze in…and to pull out the knee-high boots! Today is the first time I’ve worn them since summer kicked in full-force, so I decided to mark the occasion with a post and a pic:

leather boots

What signals the “official” changes of the seasons for you? Is it a calendar date, a “feeling” in the air, something else? How do you engage your senses during each season? If you are so inclined, please share in the comments!